Tertiary Grant

Open: 24 January 2022

Closes: 20 May 2022

All grants (except Marae Grants) will be applied through your Your Iwi Profile. Once you click on "Apply" you will be redirected to your Your Iwi Login.

Tertiary Grant


The purpose of our Ngāti Mākino Tertiary Grant is to support iwi members or their descendants to attain a higher qualification.

The Grant is also made to encourage and grow iwi whanaungatanga and iwi leadership, therefore all successful uri are required to fully participate and engage in Ngāti Mākino, hui, kaupapa, mahi and events.

Tertiary Grants are made available for tertiary study and apprenticeships.

Eligibility & Criteria

All Tertiary applicants must be registered Ngāti Mākino members

  1. To receive a Tertiary grant you must:

a. Meet all relevant specified criteria including; closing date; verified bank account; proof of identity; proof of achievement;

b. Complete an application

c. Provide all required documentation (proof of enrolment; proof of accommodation; proof of course approval by NZQA or University course or Wānanga or equivalent. etc)

d. Funding in subsequent years will be dependent on your academic results for the previous year.

  1. All Grants are at the discretion of the Board

  2. Capped funding allocation based on budget

Applicants must:

    • Provide a whakapapa if required

    • Be enrolled in an NZQA approved or equivalent course

    • Provide proof of enrolment

    • Be a full-time student

    • Be studying at an NZ Tertiary Education Institution

    • Achieve at least a 50% pass rate in all subjects from the previous year

    • Complete a Tertiary Education Grant application form, available from the Ngāti Mākino website, Facebook page or the Ngāti Mākino Office

    • Write an essay about their future goals including how they will contribute to Ngāti Mākino

    • Be willing and make time available to attend Ngāti Mākino wananga/hui

    • Ensure your application is received by the closing date


1. Successful applicants will register for in-person attendance or via Zoom with the Iwi Authority for Ngāti Mākino hui, kaupapa, mahi or events and have their participation /engagement verified when exercising either of these forms of attendance.

2. Presentation of academic attainment / achievement at appropriate Ngāti Makino events /kaupapa or wānanga.