Hunting Permits

Hunting Access Permit or Special Access Permits

Ngāti Mākino will provide a Hunting Access Permit and/or a Special Access Permit for Registered Ngāti Mākino Iwi members.

A set of guidelines ( Steps ) are set out for members to obtain a Hunting Access Permit and/or Special Access Permit. These will be Issued by First Security and Timberlands. The process allows members to receive a Permit for Hunting without paying the $50 fee. Special Access does not require a fee.

The following information is required to register you as a landowner in the Timberlands Limited database. 

This is not a Forest Access permit. Forest Access Permits will still need to be obtained through First Security.

Hunting Access Permit.


This permit is required for access to the forest for Hunting. 


Note: This form is required to be completed once, unless you need to update your details on file then another application must be completed.  Hunting Permits through First Security must be applied for every year.

Click to view verified Landowner Application form 

Special Access Permit 


This application is to gain a permit for special occasions such as gathering kai for Tangihanga, Hura Kohatu, Weddings or Hui. This application can be granted for Cultural Purposes such as Visiting Wahi Tapu, Sites of Cultural Significance, Gathering Rongoa Maori, Harakeke, Carving. Conditions apply. You will have to describe your purpose for applying under this application. 


Note: For the purpose of Tangihanga. The Iwi Representative will need to contact First Security directly on 0800 347 787 to grant a permit for gathering kai for the tangi. (Iwi Register Verification process still applies)

Click to view Landowner Special Access application form