Ngāti Mākino Group

The Ngati Makino Heritage Trust (the Trust) is 100% owned by the Ngati  Makino Iwi Authority (NMIA).  The operations of the Trust are governed by its Deed of Trust, a Statement of Corporate Intent agreed to with its shareholder, the Charities Act and its amendments, the Trustees Act 1957 and its amendments and general Trust Law.

The Ngāti Mākino Iwi Authority was primarily established to receive, manage and administer the Ngāti Mākino Iwi Authority Assets on behalf of and for the benefit of present and future Ngāti Mākino beneficiaries.

Ngāti Mākino Assets Limiteds mission is to increase the wealth of Ngati Makino in a manner consistent with the Authority’s kaupapa and mandate


Annual Reports