Ngāti Mākino Heritage Trust

Ruapotango I - Demolition Day 10 March 1988

Ruapotango II - Closing ceremony 17 September 2013

Ruapotango III - Opened 30 August 2014


The Ngāti Mākino Heritage Trust is 100% owned by the Ngāti  Mākino Iwi Authority (NMIA).  The operations of the Trust are governed by its Deed of Trust, a Statement of Corporate Intent agreed to with its shareholder, the Charities Act and its amendments, the Trustees Act 1957 and its amendments and general Trust Law.

Under its Deed of Trust the Authority retains significant powers to monitor and control activities of the Ngāti Mākino Heritage Trust (NMHT), including the appointment of Trustees.

Full responsibility for the governance and management of Ngāti Mākino’s health, social, education, cultural and environmental priorities was transferred from the NMIA to the NMHT on 1 July 2013.


The Trust was established to plan and deliver health, social, educational, environmental and cultural benefits to ngā uri on behalf of the NMIA as the Post-Settlement Governance Entity.


The purpose of the NMHT is to plan, identify needs, set priorities, identify providers and negotiate and manage contracts to build capability and deliver benefits to members of Ngāti Mākino wherever they may live.


“To plan and manage effective programmes to improve the social, cultural, educational, environmental and health status of Ngāti Mākino in a manner that is consistent with the NMIA’s kaupapa and mandate”


The NMHT is governed by a Board of Trustees that must act in accordance with the best interests of the Ngāti Mākino Group and its beneficiaries.  Trustees have a fiduciary relationship with the organisation which is founded on trust and confidence.

Operating Principles for the Trust

Ngāti Mākino Heritage Trust Trustees