Hauora Grant

OPENS: 15 January 2024

CLOSES:  18 December 2024

All grants (except Marae Grants) will be applied through your Your Iwi Profile. Once you click on "Apply" you will be redirected to your Your Iwi Login. 

Hauora Grant


The purpose of our Ngāti Mākino Hauora Grant is to help improve the health and well being of all Ngāti Mākino uri and to encourage greater participation and engagement in Ngāti Mākino hui, kaupapa, mahi and events.

Hauora grants are provided as a contribution to the costs of one off hauora needs, that improve the quality of life of iwi members. Hauora grants are not made to meet day to day hauora care such as regular doctor / dentist / physio etc visits nor are they distributed for personal choice decisions. 

All payments are to be made directly to the service provider or when evidence is provided by a member that they have paid the costs then they will be reimbursed directly. The maximum amount that can be claimed or contributed is $500.00 for all subcategories except for Hearing Aids. If a member does not meet the criteria for the Hearing Aid Grant*  then they are able to claim up to $1000 for new hearing aids through this Hauora Grant. 

Category 1

Category 2



The prescribed amount will be paid to the provider and or supplier with an invoice or reimbursed to the member with proof of payment not exceeding the prescribed amount. 

*Hearing Aid Grant is the application form for Hearing Aids through Triton Hearing.